About Me / C.V.

Peter Pain CV March-2015

I’m a database Specialist. I’ve got very strong Informix skills, also I’m very strong at Unix (typically I don’t take admin roles, but end up helping the Unix team). I’ve worked with MS SQL Server, and was previously DB2 certified.

I find that as a DBA you are at the core of any business. You actually have a huge impact and exposure to all areas. So its good for learning, keeping you busy and usually having a technical say in everything if you have a lot of experience like me.

Always open to any offers.
I prefer Eastern Europe if somehow the money is workable. Remote work would also be ideal.

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New Hosting, will I restore?

So I 100% reset my hosting account. Such a good deal, such a great hosting provider. Migration between plans casued a domain crossover, one domain I decided not to renew (the primary one). So now all reset. I have my preferred user login name 🙂

I’ve got a backup of everything 253MB downloaded on my phone. Funny, you find something large to download on your phone, you get 5MB/s download speeds. Anyhow, I’ll at least restore some things. Redirects to linkedin, gplus, C.V.